arcadia30 (arcadia30) wrote,

This is the month of Halloween. Because of this fact, i have something creepy to share, but with a twist.

In my flat there is a door in the ceiling, an attic door. The council has no previous knowledge of it being there, or even an attic. Theres no keys to it. It's just there. On the door is a keyhole lock, which is bashed in. Covering this was a white piece of tape, to camouflage it. But over the years it peeled off. That's when i noticed it. Theres also a switch near the ceiling which has a label on it saying 'Attic Light'.

The realistic side of me knows the previous occupiers mustve had it made without notifying the council.

But why is the lock bashed in? If its done by the council, why do they have no knowledge of it?

Which brings me to my deep, dark web of an imagination i have. I imagine a creature so foul, living up there, who watches me from cracks in the ceiling to see when i fall asleep. Then he comes down from the attic and sits on my chest, feeding on my feelings of anxiety, interweaving his talons into my dreams, manipulating them. Then as i stir, he slithers back, shutting the door after him. And i awake none the wiser.

I wonder what would happen one day if i got a locksmith to open it. What exactly would come tumbling out. Would it unleash the forces of hell? Is this why its kept locked shut and all knowledge of it has disappeared from existence. What have i stumbled upon here? So i open it? Should i go up and into the darkness. What sort of light is in there? What would i see lurking in the shadows up there?


it could be a secret opening into willy wonkas chocolate factory. Thats the idea i take to bed with me at night lol

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