Introduction Post

Hi, my name is Jacy and welcome to my journal.
I'm 35.
I'm currently single and live alone with just my two cats for company.
I'm technically unemployed, and i live on disability benefits.
I live in the UK.
I'm a big tv fan - heavily on the sci-fi and fantasy genre.
I have a body clock disorder, an anxiety disorder, autism, adhd, c-ptsd, OCD and depression.

There's are the current people in my life whom I may mention from time to time:

My Mum - She's....nuts. She's 70. She's a closet conservative. And she's a Christian.
My Dad: He's suspected of having autism like me. He's obsessed with video games and he's 73.
Dan: The first of the dans lol He's my best friend of 12 years. He's gay and married. He's 29 in June.
Mariana: Recent ex, lives in Brazil, works in a language school. 23 years old.

What I talk about in my journal:

I'd mostly talk about day to day stuff that I need to talk about. But mostly i post fan vids of my fave tv shows.


Bow Out

I'm thinking now would be a good time to depart this journal for the year. Everyone is welcome to come over to blackheart19 to keep following me, blackheart19 is a blog that is film themed, so lots of film videos, memes and gifs as well as personal entries, but also film trivia. Occasionally i will link to youtube videos where you can watch a whole movie for free. 

And as a proper update, i've had my adhd diagnosis confirmed and i will be starting meds too. But it's also been picked up that i have tachycardia, with my heart rate being over 100bpm. This would explain why i've been feeling out of breath and exhausted. As the nurse pointed out to me when you're tachycardic, when you're resting — you're walking. When you're walking — youre running. I've had an ecg which picked it up. I've got a blood test next tuesday to see whats going on. They think it may be something to do with my thyroid or the amitryptaline. 

The Unquiet Grave

I called the adhd clinic. They had lost me in their system. Hence why i've just been left in limbo. They've issued an urgent appointment with one of the doctors to discuss the results and next steps. 

I've also got my appointment for psychotherapy to help me with my c-ptsd.