arcadia30 (arcadia30) wrote,

i hath The Flu Of Pain

it started out with achy legs and thighs. I thought nothing of it, i can live with it. Two days later i get an attack of neuralgia down one side of my face, leaving in agony even after taking max dose of ibruprofen and paracetamol. Eventually it subsided and i was well drugged up and fell asleep. I then got woken up by ryan who was concerned after he saw my fb status of how much painkillers i took. I reassured him it was fine and ive only taken the dosage it says on the packet, at the correct times. He didnt seem that convinced, but we ended up having a pleasant talk about philosophy, i was pretty much out of it, so it was the perfect topic to talk to me about in that state lol

I woke up today feeling just as naff, so had to call in sick to work, luckily my boss was okay with it. And ive spent *sneezes* the majority of my time in bed, being bored. So ive been plaguing ryan with phone calls of me going 'wahhhh!! sympathy! company!!'
I'm a brat when im ill and not sleeping or throwing up.
But credit where credit is due, hes been good and been taken the phonecalls and just talking to me, making sure im okay and lecturing me on the biology of flu.

Then this evening my mum has come to stay the night so she can be here for the sky engineer - i'll get to that part in a minute.
And at first i had horrible stomach cramps. Then my whole tummy went sore and it felt like i was gonna hurl. But no, it went a different route after i combatted it with camomile and spearmint tea. My tummy stopped being sore and the flu decided to deal me a blow of trapped wind in my ribcage, ricoheting up and down and side to side, jabbing and abating, before jabbing me in the ribs again. I had nothing to help me get rid of it. Then my mum told me she had a can of ginger beer with her. I hate ginger beer -.-
But its fizzy. And the shop near me was closed. It was the only thing. My mum poured some into a glass and i swigged it down, trying not to taste it.

Ha, yeh, good luck with that! It was all my mouth tasted of! And i hate the stuff! Worse yet, was that it did nothing! i grabbed my vitamin water drink, which is a still fruit drink and drank that down fast, but ended up with my oesothagous spasm, meaning i couldnt swallow, meaning i was choking on the drink. So i leaned over and allowed it to come back up.

i know, its gross, im sorry. But it was agony. I've burped a few times since, but its still there in my back, jabbing away.

Back to the engineer. I cant remember if i told you guys that my sky broke. Apparently the aerial was broken, so wasnt receiving anything. And was told there would be a call out fee. Which i found wrong, as the dish is a communal dish. It has been there since the very first day i moved in.
So my subscription price got cut in half and i just made do with the app instead. That was last year, so i rung up the other day to cancel everything, and they decided to lower it half again, to £6pm, and to fix my dish for free.


happy girlie. And oh look the neuralgia is trying to come back....

toodles. x

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