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for 11 years after that, she spent her time at penton, living in the mobile home with us. The memories i have of her are of giving my mum various assorted heart attacks from jumping from the roof to the shed roof (there was quite a gap), jumping in through the front room window when my mum was napping, watching tv or reading, jumping in through the kitchen window when my mum was cooking the sunday dinner, all the times my mum accidentally stepped on her, especially in the dark and then the times she would jump in through the bathroom window while youre on the loo (which was in front of a frosted window). She frequently liked to give my dad heart failure too by jumping in through their bedroom window late at night, waking my dad up with the noise so he would yell out in suprise, waking us all up in the process, and the walls in the mobile home where paper thin.

She also had love affairs with a couple of large soft toys she would be found sat on, snoozing, for the majority of her time. But ultimately she was an outdoorsy cat, she was normally more outdoors than indoors. I remember one time when she had conjunctivitus and had to be kept in, we had to put a slide over the catflap to keep her in. It was just a piece of flimsy grey plastic that slotted in, in front of it preventing her from going out. She got so pissed off by this fact, she put all her body weight (in her youth she was quite a heavy muscled cat) into ripping it off, WHICH she succeeded in doing!!

There were also times where either i was upset or scared and she would comfort me. For many years, she was my furry best friend. But ultimately she became more my dads cat than mine, and when smudge joined the family i accepted that. I had more of a kinship with smudge at that time.

Once we got smudge, she tended to spend more time outside, where i would go for walks with her around the golf course a stone throw away, behind my home, or to see some friends around the park, she would follow me up to where it felt too far for her and she would meow plaintively and i would stop, have to walk back to her, pick her up and take her home and then continue on with my journey.
When she wasnt outside, she would normally be found either on my bed or in the later years on one of my parents beds (they sleep in the same room, but in seperate beds).

Another memory that i can recall and it makes me chuckle, because of her long love affair with the roast chicken. My mum had a real hassle keeping her from it. If my mum shut the kitchen door, she would still push it open bit by bit by sheer devilment and willpower of her body weight being pushed up against it in very powerful nudges haha. But it didnt stop there, the chicken after it had been dished up, had to, very quickly be put away into the fridge otherwise she'd be up on the counter munching away! didnt end there, once the carcass had been done with, it would be put in the 'bin', the 'bin' essentially was just a carrier bag on a back of a chair we had gotten from my grandmother, to replace the chair we had before that broke when my dad stood on it to change the kitchen light bulb and consequently went straight through it with a crash. Anyway...once the carcass had been put in the 'bin' we would hear late at night the rustle of the plastic bag being pawed and clawed at and then some chomping noises. One night my mum was greeted by poppy and a chicken carcass having a dinner date in the hallway. My mums reaction was not a quiet one.... lol.

I think thats about it about her times at penton. It was so long ago now, my memory of stuff is fading sadly. But my next entry will be of her later years after my parents moved from penton.

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